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Cette page de presentation utilisant Bootstrap 4 et un hebergement gratuit
de 10mo chez OVH, est encore un peu bcp en construction... Toutefois,
vous trouverez bien quelques infos, et pour me contacter, a bientot !

On jette un oeil !


What you notice first in Bootstrap 4 is that .panel and .well have been replaced by the .card. This makes a lot of sense as "cards" are one of the more well known trends in responsive design. The Bootstrap 4 Cards can be singular, grouped together (as shown) or equal height. There are many different layout and content options.

Card image cap


Cards are a good way to display content composed of different types of objects. They’re well-suited for presenting similar objects whose size or supported actions vary, like headings and photos with captions.

Card image cap


Use card groups to render equal height cards without gutters between the cards. Use .card-deck for cards that aren’t attached to each another.

Card image cap

Same Height

A frequent problem occurs when you have multiple items in a row with content of varying height. Thanks to flexbox (and display:table) we now have equal height cards!

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